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Due to the ever-increasing number of applicants and the declining number of admits, no student can be assured of admission at any college or university, no matter how strong that student is academically. The COLLEGE PRE-APP™ INC specializes in helping students present their “best side” to universities for consideration and, as such, the student can maximize his/her chances for consideration for admission.

Neither the COLLEGE PRE-APP™ INC nor its principals, consultants, represent that the student will gain admission to any college or university and neither COLLEGE PRE-APP™ INC nor its principal or consultants is responsible in any way for the student’s failure to gain such admission.

The COLLEGE PRE-APP™ INC provides the student’s 5 chosen colleges a more in-depth profile of the student’s attributes and interests. The COLLEGE PRE-APP™ INC does not make any express or implied warranties, guarantees, assurances or representations to the Client with respect to the Services. Without limiting the foregoing, any implied warranty or condition is expressly excluded and disclaimed. The information input by the student into the COLLEGE PRE-APP™ INC will only be shared to the colleges/universities indicated by that student and submitted on that student’s COLLEGE PRE-APP™ INC application.


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